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20W Solar Hi-Power Flood Lighting

20W Solar Hi-Power Flood Lighting

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Introducing the 20W Solar Hi-Power Flood Lighting - the perfect solution for bright and reliable outdoor lighting. This solar-powered flood light boasts a high-power 20-watt LED bulb, ensuring exceptional brightness and coverage for your outdoor spaces. With its advanced solar technology, this light harnesses sunlight during the day, storing energy in its built-in battery for reliable illumination at night. The durable construction and weather-resistant design make it suitable for outdoor use in any weather condition. Installation is a breeze, with no complicated wiring or external power source required. Illuminate your outdoor areas with the 20W Solar Hi-Power Flood Lighting and enjoy the convenience, energy efficiency, and security it provides.

Commercial Grade, Sign, Landscape, Business Class, Our 20 watt unit that has the light output of a 150 watt light, These are understatements and you will find them brighter then expected, Completely Solar and 100% self-contained, Just set it and forget it, All internal, ready to go right from the box, The battery, Charge control unit, Over charge control unit, on and off are all pre-installed and make it very easy to set up and get using right away. The supplied remote makes it easy to set lighting schedules you desire.

The150 watt equivalent unit is:

Solar Panel -15 inches by 14 inches

Light - 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches

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