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40 Watt Solar Street Light

40 Watt Solar Street Light

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Introducing our 40 Watt Solar Street Light - a robust and high-performance lighting solution designed to illuminate streets, parking lots, and other outdoor areas with exceptional brightness and efficiency. With its powerful 40-watt LED bulb and advanced solar panel technology, this light delivers bright and reliable illumination throughout the night. The integrated rechargeable battery stores solar energy during the day, ensuring uninterrupted lighting performance. With its sturdy construction and easy installation, the 40 Watt Solar Street Light is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting performance. Light up your outdoor spaces with the superior brightness and energy-saving benefits of our 40 Watt Solar Street Light.

Our Solar Street Light turns on at dark, detect movement then illuminate to very bright. After the movement subsides, the lights return to normal power. These solar light houses have internal electronics that will charge, discharge and maintain the battery in peak condition.  The smart sense technology will turn the lights on at dark, off at dawn and will self-regulate.  Set it and forget it.

These lights can be pole mounted and in some cases wall (flat surface) mounted. These lights are designed to endure harsh weather conditions, rain, snow, sleet, frigid cold, extreme heat and salt spray. Our warranty is second to none and our service department is right here in the USA.

LED Lamp: 40W 4400 Im
(Bridgelux LED Chip)
Beam Angle: 120°
Crystalline Solar Panel: 60W 18V Mono
Battery: Lithium battery pack
Charge Time: 6-8 Hours, full sun
Work Temperature: - 20°C -- +60°C
Backup @ Full Battery: 4 Nights
Installation Height: 15-20 ft. (4-6 m)
Pole Distance: >80 ft. (> 25 m)
Dimension of Product: 49.5 x 12 x 2.15 in (1260 x 310 x 55 mm)
IP Class: IP 67

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