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50 Watt LED Light

50 Watt LED Light

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Introducing the 50 Watt LED Solar Flood Light - the perfect solution for bright and reliable outdoor lighting. This solar-powered flood light delivers exceptional illumination with its high-powered 50-watt LED bulb, ensuring that your outdoor areas are well-lit and secure. With its advanced solar technology, this light harnesses the sun's energy during the day, storing it in its built-in battery for nighttime use. The durable construction and weather-resistant design ensure long-lasting performance, even in harsh weather conditions. Installation is a breeze, with no complicated wiring or external power source required. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the 50 Watt LED Solar Flood Light and enjoy the convenience, energy efficiency, and peace of mind it brings.

This 50 Watt LED Light gives 400 watts of light at 41 watts consumption. This light can be fit with motion or photo eye. Comes equipped with cord end or can be changed to plug at no additional cost.  

This 50 Watt LED Light was used in the commercial parking lot as pictured.  This light  allows for a bight illumination which is perfect for commercial lots and safety precautions.

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