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8 Watt Solar Security Light

8 Watt Solar Security Light

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Introducing our 8 Watt Solar Security Light - a compact yet powerful lighting solution designed to enhance security in various outdoor settings. This solar-powered light features an 8-watt LED bulb that delivers bright illumination, ensuring visibility and deterring potential intruders. With its intelligent motion sensor, the light instantly activates when it detects movement, providing reliable and efficient security lighting. The integrated rechargeable battery stores solar energy during the day, ensuring continuous lighting performance throughout the night. With its durable construction and easy installation, the 8 Watt Solar Security Light offers a hassle-free and eco-friendly way to protect your property. Illuminate your surroundings and enjoy peace of mind with our reliable and energy-efficient 8 Watt Solar Security Light.

This is our powerful 8 Watt All-in-One Solar Security Light. Universal for many uses including street/path lighting or as a garden light, security light or wherever light is needed at movement and there is no power to that location.. Use post or wall mounting. 112 High Output LED's, Automatic Solar Lighting for 10-12 Hours. 

·  8 watt Super-Bright 750 Lumens

·  Recommended installation height is 8' - 22'

·  Motion light recharges by day with the sun

·  Professional quality, elegant and versatile

·  Can be mounted onto a various sized pipe or a flat surface. Mounting bracket included

·  112 high output LED light bulbs

·   8 WATTS of power - 180 WATTS of light

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