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Commercial Solar Motion Light

Commercial Solar Motion Light

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Introducing our Commercial Solar Motion Light - a reliable and efficient lighting solution designed specifically for commercial applications. This motion-activated light combines the power of solar energy with advanced motion detection technology to provide enhanced security and convenience. With its high-output LED bulbs and intelligent motion sensors, this light instantly illuminates when it detects movement, ensuring bright and reliable lighting in areas such as parking lots, warehouses, and outdoor spaces. The integrated rechargeable battery stores solar energy during the day, ensuring uninterrupted lighting performance throughout the night. With its durable construction and adjustable settings, the Commercial Solar Motion Light offers customizable security and lighting solutions for your commercial needs. Illuminate your commercial space with confidence and efficiency using our Commercial Solar Motion Light.

The High End Commercial Solar Motion Light is a very powerful Solar Motion Light with 5 WATTS of power, equivalent to 120 WATTS of light, powering 64 high output LED light bulbs.

This commercial motion light unit is completely integrated with the solar panel.  The charge controller, battery and motion optics are all built into a sturdy metal commercial housing. 

This Commercial Solar Motion Light comes with wall mount and pole mount to fit sizes through 3" in diameter.  The light unit has been designed to withstand high winds, heavy rains, cold weather and cloudy days.

This commercial solar motion light will out perform your expectations.

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