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Commercial Solar Security Light

Commercial Solar Security Light

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Introducing our Commercial Solar Security Light - a powerful and dependable lighting solution designed specifically to enhance security in commercial settings. This high-end solar light combines advanced technology with robust construction to provide reliable and effective security lighting for your business premises. With its high-output LED bulbs and intelligent motion sensors, this light instantly activates when it detects movement, flooding the area with bright illumination and deterring potential intruders. The integrated rechargeable battery stores solar energy during the day, ensuring continuous lighting performance throughout the night. With its durable and weather-resistant design, the Commercial Solar Security Light is built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments. Trust in the superior performance and dependability of our Commercial Solar Security Light to protect your business premises.

The High End Commercial Solar Security Light is a powerful light that turns on at dark, but will double light output when motion is detected, after 60 seconds the light will return to normal power output.

This light is powered by 64 high powered LED light bulbs. The High End Commercial Solar Security Light has the equivalent of 50 WATTS on normal power and 100 WATTS on 'motion detected' output.

Comes equipped with wall and pole mounts. All solar and motion electronics are built internal, making this light fully automatic and ready to use. Set it and forget it!

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