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Solar Landscape LED Light 12 - 5 MM

Solar Landscape LED Light 12 - 5 MM

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Introducing the Solar LED Light 12 - 5 MM, your go-to solution for illuminating your outdoor landscape. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this solar light provides brilliant illumination while enhancing the beauty of your gardens, pathways, and outdoor areas. Featuring 12 high-quality 5mm LED bulbs, it delivers a stunning glow that creates a captivating ambiance. Powered by solar energy, this light is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing you to save on electricity costs. Its easy installation and durable construction ensure long-lasting performance. Illuminate your landscape with the Solar LED Light 12 - 5 MM and enjoy the perfect combination of style, functionality, and sustainability.

This Solar LED Light has 12 super bright 5 MM LED light bulbs with the ability to illuminate a large area.  The Solar LED Light 12 is equipped with a very powerful 5 Volt 320 mAh solar panel and three 1500 mAh batteries to ensure long lasting light.  This light will typically stay lit 8 to10 hours on a full charge.  Perfect for garden illumination, sign illumination, walkway/path illumination or any place where bright light is needed without the expense of adding additional electrical circuits.

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