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Solar Tri-Extreme 18

Solar Tri-Extreme 18

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Introducing the Tri-Extreme 18 Landscaping Solar Light - the ultimate lighting solution for your outdoor spaces. With its sleek design and powerful illumination, this solar light is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your landscape. Featuring 18 high-output LED bulbs, it provides stunning brightness and showcases your gardens, pathways, and outdoor features with elegance. Powered by solar energy, the Tri-Extreme 18 is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while adjustable settings allow for easy customization. Illuminate your landscape with the Tri-Extreme 18 and create an enchanting outdoor ambiance that will leave a lasting impression.

The Commercial or residential Tri-Extreme 18 has a powerful 6 Volt - 15 Watt Solar Panel with a high capacity 3.7 Volt, 12,000mAh battery with an output of over 1000 Lumens!

This solar light uses 18 Ultra Bright NexGen LEDs in a sealed commercial all metal housing and is suitable for Commercial, Residential or Industrial use!

The Tri-light gives you 360° of upward lighting. Also great for Tree Lighting; as can be seen in the photos.

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